Katalina Mayorga

El Camino Travel | Washington, D.C.

Curating off-beat travel experiences for small groups to unique destinations.


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Katalina on an El Camino travel experience.

Company Description…

El Camino Travel is the answer for millennials craving fresh, immersive, and intentional travel. We curate off-beat experiences for small groups to unique destinations. Our trips come with a creative photographer in tow, so that our travelers can thoroughly enjoy their trip rather than be consumed in capturing it.

I started my business because…

For three reasons. First, I felt my generation was missing a hip and fresh travel brand that truly understood the experiences that we sought. Second, I wanted travelers to get back to being fully present and immersed in the moment at hand rather than so worried about capturing it. Third, I wanted to create sustainable economic opportunities for communities through tourism. Tourism contributes 5% to the world’s GDP and provides 1 in 12 jobs worldwide. In developing countries, tourism is often the first or second source of earnings, and it is a powerful tool to combat poverty alleviation.

What makes my company unique…

El Camino created a unique product offering highly-curated experiences to off the beat destinations. We were the first travel outfitter to include a private photographer on all our trips, essentially putting compelling and native content directly into our travelers’ hands. More importantly, we funnel as much of our tourism dollars directly to local entrepreneurs and small businesses that are positively impacting the local ecosystem of the places we are visiting. This ensures that we are contributing to sustainable and responsible tourism through our purchasing power as a travel company.

Mantra I live by…

“Traveler there is no path, paths are made by wandering.” – Antonio Machado

You should vote for me because…

I am deeply committed to creating sustainable economic opportunities through unique travel experiences. This allows our travelers to experience a destination through various local perspectives. We believe it is a mutual travel relationship that is grounded in respect for all those involved – the locals, the travelers, and our company.

Top 3 goals for my business are…

  1. Diversify revenue streams by adding product.
  2. Create and execute an innovative paid digital media strategy.
  3. Develope engaging and creative corporate travel retreats for a millennial workforce.

Women entrepreneurs are…

Leaders of the pack.

Being a Tory Burch Foundation Fellow would allow me to…

Create and scale more economic opportunities in developing countries through tourism. In addition, it will allow me to pull in another cadre of entrepreneurs from the creative economies of the destinations we visit. These individuals can continue to pursue their craft, share their passion with travelers from all around the world, and achieve financial stability.

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