Amanda Saab

butter bear shop | Livonia, MI

butter bear shop is unique in its flavor offerings, blending Middle Eastern flavors with American favorites.


butter bear shop's signature baklava cheesecake.

Company description…

butter bear shop is a scratch made bakery, baking unique cookies, cheesecakes, cakes and bread. Our signature dessert is baklava cheesecake, a fusion of my two favorite desserts: baklava and cheesecake! New York style cheesecake starts with a graham cracker crust, the cream cheese filling is spiced with cardamom and rose water and layers of flaky phyllo are filled with walnuts and pistachios.

I started my company because…

I love connecting with people over food and wanted to create a space for creativity and community where I could share our unique desserts with the world.

The impact I want my company to have on the world…

Our mission is to bake the best quality baked goods that bring joy to our community, the state of Michigan and across the United States, and to create an atmosphere where employees can learn and grow.

Top 3 goals for my business are…

  1. Nationwide wholesale of our baklava cheesecake.
  2. Expand our online offerings and begin shipping to Canada.
  3. Reduce our carbon footprint and focus on our triple bottom line (People, Planet and Profit).

Women entrepreneurs are…

The future economic drivers for the United States and beyond! Women continue to innovate and break barriers and stereotypes for what an entrepreneur can and should be.

I #EmbraceAmbition because…

I want to do incredible things and inspire other girls and women to pursue their passions.

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