Ana Bianchi

PaperGirl Collection | New York City

Designing a children's lifestyle line that celebrates curiosity and imagination.


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A dress design from PaperGirl collection.

Company Description…

PaperGirl Collection is a lifestyle brand that celebrates childhood curiosity and sparks girls’ imagination. Our dresses, toys and (soon) room decor are beautifully illustrated and each include a mini storybook. Original illustrations are made in the PaperGirl studio. Each piece is a wearable work of art that tells a story. 

I started my business because…

I wanted to make something meaningful that would inspire little girls, like my daughter. I intended to create a combination of what I do best – drawing, storytelling, and design – with my personal desire to live a life full of imagination, creativity and curiosity. I set out to create what I did not find in the marketplace: timeless yet modern, high-quality yet playful, everyday clothes that were something beyond simple clothes. I wanted these dresses and objects to encourage little girls’ curiosity through storytelling. Lastly, after years in branding, I wanted to use my experience, knowledge and eye for design to help others by partnering with non-profits for literacy and art education.

What makes my company unique…

PaperGirl Collection is more than just pretty clothes. Our dresses, storybooks and toys are about sparking little girls’ imagination and instilling in them the joy of creativity, curiosity and discovery. By pairing original illustrations and storytelling, the PaperGirl Collection’s unique value proposition resides in making dresses that are wearable art and telling a story for little girls to enjoy and inhabit. This idea, at the core of PaperGirl, can extend towards the vision of a lifestyle brand with content (blog) and other product lines beyond clothing.

Mantras I live by…

In difficult times, “just keep swimming.”

You should vote for me because…

I have passion, creativity and drive to make things happen.  I have a curious mind, a love for making beautiful things, a good eye for design and plenty of “pixie dust”.  Mexican-born, world-travelled, I immigrated to the U.S. in 2001. Throughout my life, every time I have been given an opportunity, I have delivered above and beyond with deep gratitude.

Top 3 goals for my business are…

  1. Grow from a high-end clothing line into a lifestyle brand through product line extensions, partnerships and licensing.
  2. Reach and inspire more girls with beautiful, quality products that spark their imagination through original art and storytelling.
  3. Solidify my partnership with non-profits for literacy and art education.

Women entrepreneurs are…

Talented, smart, brave, determined and hard-working. They are master jugglers of work, family, and personal life.

Being a Tory Burch Foundation Fellow would allow me to…

Continue to grow my vision of simple, beautiful and imaginative products for girls by developing profitable, efficient ways to produce a wider product line that consistently delivers on the mission of sparking little girls’ imagination and curiosity and repurposes artwork and stories in new contexts. Learn how to turn the brand into a successful direct-to-consumer online store that will increase revenues to sustain and grow the business. And, illuminate the path on how to systematically give back through partnerships with non-profits for literacy and art education.

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