Arielle Johnson

Fierce Staffing & Consulting | Detroit, MI

Staffing and consulting services specializing in hospitality, quality service and social responsibility.


Fierce team meeting.

Company description…

Fierce Staffing is a Hospitality Social Enterprise invested in workforce development and creating career opportunities. Empowering communities of people to become successful citizens that can contribute to the growth of their city. Services include temporary staffing, temp-to-hire, permanent placement and event production.

I started my company because…

As a single mom in college, I was connected to a positive social network of women that supported me through my education and career. I wanted to pay forward the support I received as a young mom to girls back home in Detroit. I founded Fierce (Female Icons Encouraging Real Concepts of Empowerment), a 501c3 non-profit organization established with the aim to connect women, especially young mothers, to the tools and resources to thrive. After running the nonprofit for 3-years I wanted to increase our impact—but funding for a nonprofit was not available. I decided to blend my experience in the hospitality industry with my love and commitment to my community, through Fierce Staffing.

The impact I want my company to have on the world…

I want to empower communities toward career success by supporting them as they conquer very common barriers. We are teaching the world that the biggest investment you can ever make is an investment in a human being. In order to solve any problem as it relates to people, you must address the whole person. Our experience and commitment to quality service and memorable events will set the standard on how hospitality is done for both in-person and virtual interactions. We are a living and breathing example of a dynamic triple bottom line—changing lives, making profits and effectively contributing to businesses at the same time.

Top 3 goals for my business are…

  1. Grow my team locally and nationally.
  2. Launch a virtual hospitality component.
  3. Secure a space for a career and empowerment center.

Women entrepreneurs are…

Resourceful, persistent and strong! We are willing to tear down barriers and bring others up behind us, remaining resilient and fierce!

I #EmbraceAmbition because…

I overcame barriers, coming out stronger and wiser. I will achieve my highest potential, always bringing my sisters with me!

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