Caitlin Ritt

The Lotus Method | San Francisco, CA

Fitness method focused exclusively on individualized workouts for the prenatal and postnatal demographic.


The Lotus Method in action.

Company description…

The Lotus Method is the personalized fitness method designed specifically for motherhood. Using strength training and functional movements with a focus on breath, posture, pelvic floor and core health, we prepare women for a better pregnancy, labor and postpartum experience.

I started my company because…

Prenatal and postnatal clients deserved better. I saw how “cookie-cutter” most training programs were and I wanted to create a far more personalized offering—one that recognized the uniqueness of each pregnancy and postpartum experience. I saw how the traditional gym setting simply didn’t allow women to comfortably express what they were experiencing emotionally and physically, and I wanted to create a space where women could feel safe and be supported and empowered by a passionate and talented group of exercise specialists. I wanted to create a community of women supporting women.

The impact I want my company to have on the world…

I want to make sure that no woman feels lost in her body ever again. Pregnancy and postpartum can be an unknown time in women’s lives as they go through a massive transformation both physically and emotionally. Mothers’ struggles are often forgotten about or diminished as it becomes all about the baby. I want women and mothers to get the care, knowledge and support they deserve during their journey into and throughout motherhood, and to help them feel strong and confident in their bodies.

Top 3 goals for my business are…

  1. Launch the world’s first customized prenatal and postnatal fitness app this summer.
  2. Expand The Lotus Method’s studio footprint beyond the Bay Area.
  3. Expand The Lotus Method’s brand internationally.

Women entrepreneurs are…

Risk takers and ceiling breakers!

I #EmbraceAmbition because…

It enables me to fulfill my life’s purpose and to inspire and empower future generations of women.

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