Chrissie Lam

Love Is Project | San Francisco

Creating jobs for women in developing countries.


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An artisan with the iconic LOVE bracelet.

Company description…

Using a “pay it forward” model, the Love Is Project employs female artisans around the globe to produce unique jewelry for the socially conscious consumer. We work with 350 artisans in Kenya, Indonesia, Ecuador, Bhutan, and India, providing fair wages that fund education, health initiatives, home improvement, and income-generating projects.

I started my business because…

I visited the Maasai mums in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley and found myself inspired by their stories and the tribe’s vibrant colors. I designed a simple LOVE bracelet to help their community create jobs. With that bracelet in hand on a flight to Russia, I asked two strangers from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan what love is and profiled them on Instagram. What started as a personal travel project transformed into a viral social media campaign. With the success of our early corporate partnerships, I knew the Love Is Project could be a powerful stand-alone brand. By harnessing the meaning of LOVE, we could create opportunities for thousands and empower millions more around the world.

What makes my company unique…

The Love Is Project’s authentic stories from our artisans, consumers and contributors make this “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told.” We infuse “Humans of New York” inspired storytelling with our social impact products, bringing culture, compassion and humanity to life in our collections. Our ethical supply chain of love grew out of a simple desire to find out what love means to people around the world, and how despite circumstance or history, love unites us all.

Mantra I live by…

Love is proportional to your will. The stronger will, the bigger love.

You should vote for me because…

What the world needs now is LOVE. The real power of the Love Is Project isn’t in the bracelets, but rather the larger concept of empowering artisans from around the globe, sharing their stories with the consumers, and giving voice to more empathy and love worldwide. What the Love Is Project needs now is your vote to allow us to grow and continue to pay it forward.

Top 3 goals for my business are…

  1. Create more sustainable jobs for female artisans around the world, allowing them to empower themselves and their families.
  2. Spread the message of LOVE by using Love bracelets as vehicles to connect and inspire people and help spread tolerance, understanding, and acceptance.
  3. Raise awareness on social and environmental issues and give back to local communities and causes.

Women entrepreneurs are…

Empathetic, caring, inclusive, resourceful, hard-working, ambitious, savvy, relentless, fearless, and intuitive.

Being a Tory Burch Foundation Fellow would allow me to…

Scale the Love Is Project to include more countries and be able to support more artisans. I’d use this grant as an opportunity to learn more about the e-commerce and digital marketing sector, as well as how to build a successful and sustainable lifestyle brand. Being a Fellow would also allow me to expand my network by meeting like-minded women entrepreneurs who can help each other grow together.

Best moment at my company so far…

Last year, I was lucky enough to visit our artisan Ann and her community of Maasai women. We toured her and her family’s new house in her manyatta, a home literally built by LOVE. I heard firsthand how we’ve changed thousands of lives by providing stable jobs during drought years – allowing families to pay school fees for children and invest in other income-generating projects. I left them with a book of photos and touching stories from customers across the globe who wear their LOVE bracelets with pride. These moments remind me that we’re creating much more than just a bracelet.

I am inspired by…

The women and communities I work with, whose tenacity, resourcefulness, and innovative spirits are cornerstones of the Love Is Project.

I #EmbraceAmbition because…

I dare to LOVE. My ambition is to empower female artisans around the world to embrace their ambition to better their lives and communities. I believe in creating bonds that will spread the message of love. Ambition fueled by the power of love will conquer all.


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