Emily Calhoun

Floriography | Albuquerque, NM

Specializes in creating lush, whimsical floral arrangements and experiences.


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A floral garland created by Floriography.

Company Description…

Floriography, a floral design company specializes in creating lush, whimsical arrangements, installations and experiences. Our designs draw from and compliment the rich outdoor environments where we work. Floriography makes the world a more beautiful, joyous place through flowers and transforming our client’s visions into memorable celebrations.

I started my business because…

Floriography began out of a desire to bring high quality, ethically sourced flowers and creative event design to the Southwest. After studying abroad in Ecuador, I was struck by the enormous South American floral industry and discovered that nearly 80% of the flowers in the U.S. were coming from South America; many of which were produced in a manner far below the standards of those grown domestically.

In 2011, with some canning jars and a tiny piece of dirt in between pecan orchards, I decided it was time to continue my family’s legacy in my own way: by growing, selling, and designing flowers with love and a conscience.

What makes my company unique…

Floriography creates an exceptional customer experience by growing, designing and delivering thoughtful floral arrangements and events in the Southwest. We prioritize sourcing our high-quality product from our network of local and sustainable flower farms; and also by incorporating botanicals unique to the wild landscape in the areas we serve. We intentionally collaborate with creatives in our industry to build communities. This combination of design sensibility, attention to geography, and drawing on the strengths of other creates a synergy that continues to amaze.

Mantra I live by…

Purposely seek and express joy!

You should vote for me because…

Floriography is making the world a more enchanting, joy-filled place through flowers, strong relationships and excellent customer service. We are cultivating an appreciation and growing appetite for artistry through florals. We discover daily that the populations we serve are hungry for our work and we want to spread this loveliness.

Top 3 goals for my business are…

  1. Provide a comfortable and consistent wage to those who work for us with benefits like insurance.
  2. Invest in infrastructure such as assets for teaching and travel, workshop, retail and teaching space, and capital to develop the supply and availability from flower farmers in the Southwest.
  3. Maximize opportunities for Floriography to grow through exposure and networking across the country.

Women entrepreneurs are…

Powerful role models who lead businesses and communities through collaboration into success with grace and integrity.

Being a Tory Burch Foundation Fellow would allow me to…

Invest in my people and my operations. The benefit of this award is that I can continue my mission to spread the beauty of flowers and sense of place through incredible design and joy. As a Fellow, I’d able to strengthen my impact on our regional economy by continuing to promote the importance of local flowers and female-run farms. This opportunity facilitates Floriography’s  ability to grow and stand proudly and productively on a global platform.

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