Ericka Lassair

Diva Dawg | New Orleans

The first and only hot dawg food truck in New Orleans.


Cajun surf and turf dawg.

Company description…

Diva Dawg food truck is the first and only hot dawg food truck in New Orleans, which features gourmet creole style hot dawgs. We are also home of the original red bean chili dawg topped with fried chicken, etouffée fries with crawfish, crabmeat grill cheesy and the praline candy shake.

I started my business because…

After Hurrican Katrina, I wanted to be a part of bringing life and beauty back to my city by opening a restaurant with bright colors and New Orleans flavor!

What makes my company unique…

We have our signature ‘Diva Dawg’ that we pair with our original chili options like etouffée chili and red bean chili. The majority of the foods we serve on our truck are original and you can only get at Diva Dawg.

Mantra I live by…

Life is all about learning and growing.

Top 3 goals for my business are…

  1. Increase revenue by the end of 2016
  2. Franchise Diva Dawg by 2019
  3. Open a brick and mortar location by 2022

Women entrepreneurs are…

Fearless, passionate and inspirational leaders.

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