Erin Uehara

Choco le`a | Honolulu, HI

Specializing in gourmet chocolates made with love in Hawaii.


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Twenty piece custom truffle box.

Company Description…

We are Chocolea – bringing peace to our world, one chocolate at a time. We’re doing this through our gourmet chocolate company in Honolulu, Hawaii. We specialize in creating the highest quality, unique, hand-crafted artisan dark chocolate truffles and treats. Everything is made fresh in our shop in Manoa valley.

I started my business because…

I was happy and content with the job I was doing but was given an opportunity to love people through something a lot of people already loved… chocolate. Our story began when I accidentally met a long-lost family member who loved making chocolate truffles. I loved eating chocolate and wanted to get to know this family member. What started as a weekend activity getting to better know one another, turned into a business.

What makes my company unique…

Driven by our mission, we are passionate about creating the highest quality and most unique chocolates. At Choco le`a, we help our customers create custom boxes of chocolates ranging in truffle flavors not done anywhere in the world! This includes mochi truffles, gau truffles, pumpkin pie truffles, and hundreds of other flavors to celebrate life’s special events.

Mantra I live by…

To bring joy, hope, and love to people.

You should vote for me because…

Like you, I have great dreams. I am committed to doing wonders with chocolate and I truly believe that I can make this world a sweeter place!

Top 3 goals for my business are…

  1. Fulfill our daily mission of “Bringing peace to our world, one chocolate at a time” through creating the most unique and highest quality chocolate products.
  2. Become an inspiration to others, especially women entrepreneurs with a demanding life schedule, by providing a great place to work for my team and a great place to visit for my customers. I want to positively touch the lives of every person who encounters our chocolates.
  3. Provide a stable and growing source of income for my family and more employees, while providing each a better career path, higher wages, and improved benefits.

Women entrepreneurs are…

Not limited in pursuing all of their dreams, including entrepreneurship, despite the great challenges all people face.

Being a Tory Burch Foundation Fellow would allow me to…

Help our company with our wholesale efforts to better reach tourists visiting Hawai`i from around the world, export to other countries, and get our products and story online to immediately go global. Coming from a small family business in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, we can expand our reach to the world through our most unique and creative island-inspired chocolates.

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