Kimarie Santiago

SALTOPIA | Hackettstown, NJ

SALTOPIA harvests unrefined sea salts from all over the world.


Assorted SALTOPIA products.

Company description…

SALTOPIA harvests unrefined sea salts from all over the world. We infused them with pure flavor by allowing the salts to absorb the natural juices and aromas from organic goods that we hand select. Each salt has a proprietary recipe incorporating a chemistry of sea salt and pure flavor.

I started my business because…

After becoming a mom, I started caring more about the foods we ingest. I would buy organic and GMO-free foods, but realized that the seasonings we use were filled with chemicals, so I began to make my own salts. What began as a personal commitment has quickly turned into a growing business.

What makes my company unique…

I don’t know of any other salt company out there that is doing what we do!

Mantra I live by…

Balance: I think of my life like a toy slinky, resting between my two palms. Adjusting, giving and balancing regularly.

Top 3 goals for my business are…

  1. Remain humble, generous and continue to love what I do
  2. Educate consumers on the differences between naturally harvest sea salt and table salt
  3. See enough success as a company, so that we can help fund the conservation of our oceans and our world’s salt supply

Women entrepreneurs are…

Awesome. Uplifting, relentless, strong, forgiving and so much more.

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