Kristina Han

Own Your Wonder | Washington, D.C.

Affordable and accessible professional makeup service without any retail pressure.


Inside the full-service beauty bar.

Company description…

Own Your Wonder (OYW) provides experiential makeup service to customers in an inclusive environment for all genders and skin tones. We democratize professional makeup service with affordable pricing, whether it’s for work or social events. OYW also serves as a community building space where people share ideas and learn techniques and tips on achieving one’s desired look.

I started my company because…

I wished I could outsource the part of my day that I was neither good at, nor did I enjoy: my morning makeup routine. I did not see myself as someone glamorous, nor a makeup junkie, but I cared about looking polished (in minimal time) both in my professional and social life. However, I never felt comfortable or adequate with my own look compared to the beauty ads or celebrity pictures I would see in media. I often felt intimidated to walk into beauty retail stores because I felt that I didn’t have the right “look.” I started OYW with the vision of creating an affordable and inclusive space for people of all skin tones, gender and looks, where they can define their own beauty standard in achieving their desired look.

The impact I want my company to have on the world…

I would like OYW to be known as an experiential space where people come to celebrate their individuality and uniqueness, becoming the leader in customizing global beauty standard. I envision OYW serving as a safe space, both online and in physical stores, where people feel empowered to define their own idea of beauty and create their look regardless of what may be trending on social media or in public. Through OYW, I would like to contribute to promoting positive self-image. Instead of focusing on what each person needs to cover up or correct, makeup should be used to emphasize each person’s positive features that he or she wants to highlight.

Top 3 goals for my business are…

  1. Become the leader in democratizing makeup service, both online and in physical locations.
  2. Provide sustainable and rewarding careers for makeup artists on a full-time basis with health care benefits.
  3. Leverage OYW’s business success to start an initiative to work with girls and women, especially in underserved communities, to foster positive self-image.

Women entrepreneurs are…

Role models in our community in the way they approach problem-solving, building a sustainable business and managing family.

I #EmbraceAmbition because…

It means that I empower myself to strive for my best without being apologetic or compromising on my individuality.

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