Lila Reedy

Connection Chiropractic | San Francisco

Striving to provide balanced, integrated and honest chiropractic healthcare.


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Connection Chiropractic offers best-in-class service.

Company Description…

Connection Chiropractic is a team of mindful, positive and dedicated Chiropractors and health professionals striving to provide balanced, integrated and honest healthcare. We work to ensure every patient receives optimum health benefits and moves toward ideal health while creating a fundamental shift in the attitudes and actions of our community. 

I started my business because…

After a car accident at 17 years old, I thought I had lost my active lifestyle forever. Through chiropractic care, I found my body healing broken bones in two months that four surgeries were unable to heal in two years. From that time, I knew Chiropractic would be a part of my life forever. With three years managing Chiropractic offices, extensive research and thousands of hours in Chiropractic school, I was ready to serve the masses! Yet, as I started looking for opportunities in San Francisco, I found that if I was going to serve thousands of people and build a strong Chiropractic culture in my community, I had to build an office and spread the Chiropractic message myself.

What makes my company unique…

Is our dedication to caring for our patients as a whole person, so they get results fast! We look at all aspects of the healing process and make sure we are a resource for our patients – helping them find other professionals who will aid in the healing process, which supports both the patients healing process and our surrounding trusted businesses and makes our community stronger. With strong businesses and healthy people, our community will thrive! We embody the TEAM acronym – Together Everyone Achieves More!

Mantra I live by…

“To give, to love, to do, to serve, out of my own abundance, with no expectation of return.” – Sid Williams.

You should vote for me because…

In my constant efforts to be the best version of myself at any given moment, I have found that my greatest ability is to be a stand for others to help them achieve their goals and dreams. This means that when I am awarded this grant, you are not only awarding it to me. This grant award will benefit my company and employees, my patients, my entire community, and therefore, the world. If we can shift the attitudes and actions of an entire community, doesn’t that lead to a brighter future for humanity?

Top 3 goals for my business are…

  1. Increase our cash flow by reducing expenses and increasing traffic through active marketing and networking.
  2. Expand our team to serve more people! By 2025, we will expand to a larger location and be able to house 10 full-time NUCCA Chiropractors and 30 massage therapists – all earning the ability to train in powerful healing techniques while getting paid at the same time! This means serving 1,500-4,000 patients per week!
  3. Offer world-class training and self-improvement opportunities to every employee and patient who we serve.

Women entrepreneurs are…

Changing the face of the business world as we know it!

Being a Tory Burch Foundation Fellow would allow me to…

Maximize my business’ potential and support my current employees and staff in ways I have previously been unable to do. The yearlong support from successful women entrepreneurs affords me the opportunity to make the absolute best business decisions for everyone involved, while getting me out of the silo of business ownership. Having female mentors and grant funds to guide me through the expansion phases coming for my business will be key in the long-term success of my big vision for Connection Chiropractic!

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