Mina Marsow

Prospect Gymnastics | Brooklyn, NY

Helping children build skills, gain confidence, and have fun, while promoting healthy minds and bodies.


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An inside look at Prospect Gymnastics.

Company description…

Prospect Gymnastics is a play space and gymnastics studio in Brooklyn, NY that offers gymnastics classes, toddler playtime, birthday parties, and summer camp for children. At Prospect Gymnastics, we believe that children can grow healthy bodies and boost self-esteem all while having a blast.

I started my business because…

In an effort to find work after being laid off in 2014, I discovered that many parents were searching for fitness options for their kids. There is a growing national concern about childhood obesity, so our goal was to bring fun fitness to kids so that they could learn to enjoy being healthy. I grew up loving the sport of gymnastics myself, so it was the perfect way to serve my community. As a community, we are inclusive and diverse. We accept children and staff from all different backgrounds, physical abilities, and mental margins.

What makes my company unique…

All of our classes follow step-by-step lesson plans of gymnastics skill progressions, including safety training, so that our athletes can have long-lasting muscle memory, which will increase their agility and improve their quality of life. We build athletes’ confidence by using positive reinforcement methods. Our coaches are trained to encourage desired behaviors, thus improving an athlete’s performance. When we coach students in a positive way, they are motivated to try harder on their own. Not only do they build gymnastics skills faster, they also become more motivated and confident in themselves as individuals.

Mantra I live by…

Build skills. Gain confidence. Have fun. I believe life is about learning, growing, taking risks, and enjoying the ride.

You should vote for me because…

Prospect Gymnastics was born out of a vision. I did not have the finances, resources, or support network, but when I channeled my passion, the local community rallied around me. Prospect Gymnastics is a business that brings people together. It brings health and fitness to local children and creates jobs for local residents. I kept going when the going was tough and have the grit and persistence to keep growing and supporting our community. A vote for me is a vote for building our local communities and the lives of the children.

Top 3 goals for my business are…

  1. Develop a strong, committed team that can bring Prospect Gymnastics to the next level.
  2. Open a larger facility to accommodate the waiting list of students for our current programs, as well as expand to have a competitive team and adult program options.
  3. Develop customer systems so parents can enroll easily, communicate with their child’s coach directly, and monitor progress. That way, parents can rest assured that their child is in safe hands.

Women entrepreneurs are…

Working tirelessly to change the cultural environment in the business world, serving as role models for girls and young women.

Being a Tory Burch Foundation Fellow would allow me to…

Receive the mentorship necessary to lead my team towards our vision of bringing health, wellness, and fun to many more children, families, and communities. It will also allow us to gain access to resources and capital necessary in order to expand so that we can add many more students to our program.

Best moment at my company so far…

One day during summer camp there was a terrible flash flood storm. The ceiling was leaking, the bathroom was backed up, and the basement was flooding. The staff and kids all pitched in to build a pretend fort of mats in the gym for all of our athletes to dry off. On the last day of camp, when we asked our kids what their favorite part of camp was, the overwhelming response was fort day! We’ve been doing fort day ever since – thankfully minus the flash flood.

I am inspired by…

My mother, who never had the opportunity to receive an education, and fought tirelessly so I could have a better life.

I #EmbraceAmbition because…

I want to honor the sacrifices my mom and so many other women made, by getting to a place that they couldn’t even imagine. I want the women and girls of the next generation to believe that being a woman top-level executive, policy maker, or CEO is not a rare achievement but rather the norm.

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