Purva Gupta

Lily AI | Mountain View, CA

Helping brands and retailers understand deep emotional context and self-perceptions of individual customers online.


A guide to the Lily AI technology.

Company description…

Lily AI helps brands and retailers understand each individual customer’s emotional context and the “why” behind the customer’s buying decision online. Lily AI creates the deepest psychographic intelligence for every shopper and every product in the catalogue, enabling retailers to serve unique emotionally intelligent customer journeys, significantly increasing conversion and reducing returns.

I started my company because…

Four years back, I experienced New York City and fashion in a way I’d never experienced before in India. When the excitement settled down, I became conscious of how broken, unintelligent and unempathetic the shopping experience was. Just because I can’t find anything in the store, I leave the store thinking that there might be something wrong with my body or my preferences. Even when I find it, I end up returning a lot and adding more frustration. I decided to study the problem thoroughly by asking American women how they felt about the entire apparel shopping experience. Today we’re building a product that predicts why people make the decisions they make and how the online experience can be more emotionally intelligent, empathetic and delightful.

The impact I want my company to have on the world…

We aim to not just become a standard in retail but to help the industry upgrade itself to truly understand every consumer they serve. Emotions explain the “why” behind consumer buying decisions, unlocking wallet share. Retail has saturated behavioral and demographic data (i.e., what, where, when) but those that understand the emotional data (why) stand to win in a customer-first market. We want to lead this change in retail and beyond. On the other side, we have it in our DNA at Lily AI to help consumers look and feel their best.

Top 3 goals for my business are…

  1. Continue exponential customer growth.
  2. Continue to add exceptional employees to the Lily AI family.
  3. Maintain highest levels of customer service and never lose sight of what the end consumer wants.

Women entrepreneurs are…

Fearless, unstoppable and humble (yet superhuman)!

I #EmbraceAmbition because…

If you’re going to think anyway, then why not think big!

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