Rani Navarro-Force

The Marie Antoinette Gluten Free Baking Co. | Wathena, KS

Bakery offering the most diverse gluten-free product line, from cupcakes to pizza crusts.


Gluten-free apple pie.

Company description…

Marie Antoinette’s manufactures and distributes gluten-free foods out of Kansas.  Our signature products include deliciously sweet cinnamon rolls and savory biscuits and gravy that are sent to over 200 vendors across the Midwest.

I started my company because…

Over a decade ago, because of my daughter’s health, our family needed to alter our diet and avoid gluten. We tried many packaged gluten-free breads, pastries, and mixes but found the experience frustrating and the food bland tasting. I’ve always enjoyed baking and decided to develop my own recipes. I knew there were other families facing this same problem and that I could offer something more.

The impact I want my company to have on the world…

I want Marie Antoinette’s to be the catalyst that proves high quality, gluten-free products can be sold at profitable margins. We can help push consumers to demand more from the food industry by raising product quality, availability, and variety.

Top 3 goals for my business are…

  1. Be recognized as the gold standard in the gluten-free food market.
  2. Increase our number of contracts with major distributors.
  3. Grow our team!

Women entrepreneurs are…

Small in number… but fierce and ready to take on the world!

I #EmbraceAmbition because…

I want to do what others tell me cannot be accomplished.

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