Theresa Petry

The Organic Pantry Co. | San Francisco

Creating nutrient dense food products made with 100% organic ingredients.


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The Organic Pantry Co. uses 100% organic ingredients in all of their products.

Company Description…

The Organic Pantry Co. is a premium organic lifestyle food brand. We focus on creating products that are nutrient dense and made using 100% organic ingredients. All our products are certified organic, certified gluten-free, Non-GMO, vegan, Paleo, no added sugars or other additives in our food. 

I started my business because…

I believe that people everywhere want to make healthier choices in the food they eat. I  started The Organic Pantry Co. with the intention of replacing all the sugar loaded organic junk and processed foods that people have in their pantries with truly good-for-you organic alternatives. I created my business because I wanted it to be easy for people to replace what they snack on with delicious real food made with simple, honest ingredients and pure nutrition. I love crunchy, sweet or savory snacks like everyone else just without all the added bad stuff and it’s our mission to improve your health.

What makes my company unique…

We aren’t focused on getting consumers to eat more and more by adding high amounts of flavor enhancers like salt, fat and sugar into our products. Our approach is the opposite: make simple, great tasting food using the least amount of ingredients, only organic and gluten free, mostly plant based and no added sugars ever. Customers can reward themselves with our healthy foods and still feel completely satisfied without getting their taste buds artificially manipulated. It’s wrong for food companies to advertise “healthy” or “natural” or “organic” when their products are scientifically engineered to taste good at the expense of your health.

Mantra I live by…

Keep moving forward until you get the results you want.

You should vote for me because…

Life is a gift and to truly enjoy it, everyone needs a healthy body and mind.

Top 3 goals for my business are…

  1. Democratize organic food for everyone to enjoy.
  2. Create a community of like-minded people who change their lives through changing their diet and want to share their stories online or person-to-person.
  3. Build a nationally recognized and award-winning organic lifestyle brand that makes a difference with our food.

Women entrepreneurs are…

Getting things done and weaving the web of global responsibility and corporate citizenship.

Being a Tory Burch Foundation Fellow would allow me to…

Have the opportunity to network with other talented women entrepreneurs and get exposure to industry experts that would enhance my knowledge on many levels. It would be a great opportunity to learn “best practices” from corporate leaders, innovators and social media experts. I would be entering into a community support system where I could share my talents with other people and receive guidance from others as well. I see the fellowship as a lifetime membership in an organization of amazing women, changing the world.

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