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Oliver Walsh



Oliver Walsh

Advice from the man behind Discoveredd and Wednesday


When starting a company you must…

Make sure that you surround yourself with the best people you can.…ideally much smarter than you!


The best business advice I've received is…

Never get comfortable.


I love what I do because…

The power of creativity surprises me every day.


Never be afraid of…

Taking calculated risks.


My greatest talent is…

The ability to find solutions.


My biggest challenge is…

Not being overwhelmed.


Being digital means…

Being ready and willing to continually adapt and evolve.


Travelling constantly between London and New York I've found that…

The differences in culture and mindset are still greater than the similarities.


Next big digital thing…

Discoveredd – a community for creative individuals to inspire and be inspired.


Gadget I love…

The iPhone – for being the gadget that is a million gadgets.



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