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Tory Burch



Tory Burch

CEO & Designer, Tory Burch LLC


When starting a company you must...

Have a unique idea, absolute focus and the tenacity to follow through.


the best business advice I've received is...

Always be transparent and straightforward.


never underestimate...

The importance of being an information gatherer and doing thorough research.


I love what I do because...

It's the perfect balance of being creative and entrepreneurial.


Never be afraid of...

Change. It's usually hard but often is essential.


my greatest talent is...

Recognizing talent in others and building a fantastic team.


My biggest challenge is...

Balancing work and family.


i overcome that challenge by...

Prioritizing. My boys and stepdaughters come first and everything falls into place after that.


I hope to one day...

Build the Tory Burch Foundation into a global organization.



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