• Big Magic 

    By: Elizabeth Gilbert

    Live a life of curiosity. Best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert shares the habits and techniques that help her stay creative.

  • The Lean Start Up

    By: Eric Ries

    Does your desire for perfection get in the way of your business goals? This scientific method will help you start, steer and grow your business more efficiently.

  • Good to Great

    By: Jim Collins

    Do you need a flashy CEO or all the best tech? Jim Collins says no. Continually investing in talented and hardworking people will take your business from good to great.

  • Better Than Before

    By: Gretchen Rubin

    A humorous and helpful read – Rubin provides provocative ways to change bad habits for good, and live a happy life.

  • The Long View

    By: Brian Fetherstonhaugh

    A pragmatic approach, complete with exercises to help you build a meaningful career.