1. Download and save the Business Plan Builder to your desktop.
  2. Immediately save the file with a unique name, for example “My_BusinessPlan.pdf” and open in Adobe.
  3. On page 3, find the “Show/Hide Instructions” button.
  4. Write your business plan following the directions.
  5. Once you’ve built your business plan, go back to page 3 and click the “Form Completion” button. Please note, this will disable further editing.
  6. Save the file.

Helpful Hints:

  • Before you begin, it’s best to keep a clean copy of the .pdf for your records.
  • Don’t skip any sections. Each piece of the plan is essential to success.
  • Save your work often and proof-read carefully. Details count!
  • Have a friend or adviser look over your work. Another set of eyes is always helpful.
  • Remember this plan is part of the entrepreneurial process. Enjoy each moment.