Ericka Lassair

Chef & Founder

Diva Dawg

Tory’s story inspires me to be a better entrepreneur and to never be afraid of my ambitious spirit. As a Tory Burch Fellow, I am even more driven to making Diva Dawg a national brand!

Carmel Hagen

Founder, CEO

Sweet Revenge Sugar Co.

Attending the United State of Women Summit with the Foundation was life changing. It’s easy to feel isolated as an entrepreneur, and that was the first moment I really realized what an amazing community I have around me. It was also when it truly sunk in that we’re paving the way for a lot of women behind us, which is a beautiful mission itself!

Katherine & Sophie


Georgetown Cupcake

Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid of dreaming big. If you don’t take the big swings in your business and challenge yourself, you’ll never know how much you can accomplish. Like Tory, we followed our passion. We embraced our dream of working together as sisters and started our own business. Deciding to become an entrepreneur is one of the most intimidating decisions you can make in life. You are essentially giving up security and stability for the unknown. In order to succeed, you need to learn to be fearless and embrace the uncertainty.

Artina Sheikh


Our Bazaar

I grew up in a traditional household and was expected to follow a standard career path. But thanks to women like Tory Burch, I felt empowered to take a risk instead. As a finalist in the Fellows Competition, my start-up gained visibility and benefited from the process significantly.

Liya Kebede



I wish this program had been around when I began LemLem. I am so inspired by the Tory Burch Fellows’ passion and by Tory Burch Foundation’s commitment to help women entrepreneurs succeed.

Elyse Oleksak


Bantam Bagels

With Tory’s example and support, I feel like I am able to nail the whole working-mom-business-owner dance with minimal slips, although, of course, they happen! Instead of focusing on balancing, I try and do what I can, when I can – a manageable way to succeed both at home and at work.

Judy Ross


Judy Ross Textiles

In 2013, I was lucky to be chosen along with thirty other women to be part of the Education Program. To this day, we are a strong network of women that continue to inspire and help each other with the challenges that we face running and growing our business.

Dipali Patwa

CEO, Founder

Masala Baby + Kids

A sincere thank you to Tory Burch for blazing the trail for women entrepreneurs. Tory has inspired many of us to embrace ambition and motivated us to not quit. She leads by example. She is a game changer.

Carolyn Lanzetta


Plum Print

Participating in the Education Program provided me the tools to become a successful CEO, but it doesn’t stop there. The Foundation understands the power of networking, especially among women. And the Foundation is cultivating an incredible network of women all driving to break the barriers of women’s entrepreneurship.