Kimarie Santiago

Founder, CEO

SALTOPIA Artisan Infused Sea Salts

The business plan builder tool is my favorite resource! I think a business plan is one of the most difficult and daunting things to accomplish for an entrepreneur. As a business owner having this template is really awesome!

Sallie Krawcheck



I believe it is important for women to support the business aspirations of other women. Tory’s program empowers women entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and build great businesses.

Azra Khalfan


Plaques by Azra

Tory is a pioneer in empowering businesswomen. Through her Foundation, she uses her talent and passion towards designing comprehensive programs focused on an often marginalized group – women! Our business has benefited from access to capital, education, and exceptional mentorship. And a valuable lesson learned is that philanthropic actions have a ripple effect, and her personal commitment makes the Foundation thrive. She inspires me to pay it forward.


Shay Spaniola

CEO, Designer


I had sent a few handmade samples to Neiman Marcus, Anthropologie and Bloomingdales. They all placed large orders for our product and I knew I couldn’t make it all myself. We had to produce larger quantities! When other banks turned us away, the Tory Burch Foundation gave us a chance to take out a loan to make these orders happen through the Capital Program. Today, we’re in over 300 boutiques, at every Anthropologie store, in the top Bloomingdales stores and selling out of our inventory at Neiman Marcus. It’s seriously a dream come true!

Mary Molina

President and CEO

Lola Granola

I am a proud alumni of the Education Program and since graduating, I have grown my business by 135%. The program allowed me to become an effective negotiator.  And I am so proud to say that I have lower my overall costs of goods sold by 35% and reduced shipping fees by over 52%.

Gabrielle Pelicci, Ph.D.


I have always believed in the value of mentors and Tory Burch is a great inspiration for women entrepreneurs. As women, we need to support each other, work together and uplift each other so that we can all be successful!