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10 Social Media Security Tips for Small Businesses

Keep your social media accounts safe with this expert advice

Having your personal account hacked is bad. Problems with your business’ accounts can mean losing customers or credibility. Experts at Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, shared some social media security tips for our small business community. 

  1. Never share login information. That includes sharing logins with people within your business. Plus, beware of phishing scams that ask for your login credentials.
  2. Use a unique email address. Make sure the email address you attach to your business’ Instagram and Facebook accounts are different from the ones you use for your personal account. That way, if your personal data is compromised, it won’t affect your company.
  3. Keep passwords updated. Change your passwords regularly, and be sure to use one unique to your Meta products.
  4. Limit the devices saving your login credentials. Though it may be convenient to have your password saved on your home and work devices, it increases the chances of cybercriminals accessing your information. 
  5. Set up alerts: Go to your security settings to make sure you get an email notification if someone logs in on a device you don’t usually use. Make sure this is an email address you use often. 
  6. Require 2-step authentication. That way, even if a cybercriminal did have your password, your account would still be protected. Update this setting for everyone in your organization who works with your social media accounts. 
  7. Report unrecognized logins. Get a ping about strange activity on your account? Notice something suspicious? Report it immediately.
  8. Turn on notifications. Make sure you’re notified about every change, such as added admins or new ad campaigns, that happens on your business’ account.
  9. Monitor ads and spending. Make sure you know how your selected payment method is being used.
  10. Logout! Especially if using a shared device.