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Cultivate Creativity

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Tory Burch's advice for nurturing creativity, fueling intellectual curiosity and having an open spirit.

Producing our fashion shows is an exhilarating experience where our team’s creativity and hard work comes to life. We just launched our Spring/Summer 2017 collection with a show today at the Whitney Museum of American Art. All of our collections have a concept at their core – this one is a tale of two coasts: the East Coast nautical prep culture vs. the West Coast bohemian surf scene.

And every concept starts with creative inspiration. But creativity can be fickle. It needs to be nurtured. It is fueled by intellectual curiosity, an open spirit and observation. Here are a few ways I cultivate creativity.


I love to travel to new places. My senses are heightened when I’m in unfamiliar surroundings. But you don’t have to travel to explore. Visit a new exhibit at your local museum, take a cooking class, see a play, go into the woods and photograph plants – even drive or walk to work using a new route. Getting out of your routine helps you to see things differently.


When you see something you love, take a picture. As you go through magazines tear out the pages that inspire you. Pin photos or things you like to your wall. If it’s not visual inspiration you need, keep the books, articles and quotes that inspire you easily accessible.


I started my company from my kitchen table. It was chaos, because I had three boys under the age of four. But luckily imaginative people who freely expressed their opinions also surrounded me. Our ideas became richer with each other’s input and our dialogue sparked new ideas. I continue to highly value brainstorming with other creative people.


I believe technology is a good thing – a great thing – but unplugging can be immensely valuable – especially if you’re exploring, collecting or with other people! Being away from a screen, even for a few hours, will allow you to be more in tune with your surroundings, and be more present with family and friends.


I’m passionate about education. Continuing to learn is critical not only for growth but for stimulating creative thinking. Now you can hear great lectures, “attend” workshops and take classes online if you can’t get there in person.

Because I believe so strongly in education, we made it a key element of our Tory Burch Foundation Fellows Program for women entrepreneurs. Each Fellow receives $10,000 for education so they can continue to learn and grow their businesses. Applications for the Fellows Program open September 20 on

I am so proud of my incredible team whose creativity made today’s fashion show a great success. I encourage everyone to cultivate their creativity and live their life in full color.

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