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Woman-owned B2B Companies You Should Know

A list of women-owned business service companies dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs

In the years the Tory Burch Foundation has worked to further women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship, we’ve come across some incredible business owners. These women are making strides in a range of industries by doing work that’s at the core of our mission: helping other entrepreneurs. We’ve rounded up some of the companies in our network who can help you build your own company.


Partner with these companies to build and manage your brick and mortar locations or site-specific installations.

M-TO-Pros Development

The founder: Mildred Tolentino, 2021 Tory Burch Fellow

The work: M-TO-Pros is a woman- and minority-owned company that provides construction public and private sector project management in the New York tri-state area. They specialize in areas such as commercial office interiors, educational projects, health care and housing. 

Earth Angel

The founder: Emellie O’Brien, 2016 Tory Burch Fellow

The work: Earth Angel is a sustainability consulting agency with a team of experts that provides the skilled labor and supplies necessary to reduce the environmental impact of entertainment. The agency creates and implements customized, analytics-based sustainability strategies designed to keep pace with complex production logistics.


These law firms specialize in supporting small businesses.

Firm for the Culture

The founder: Rukayatu Tijani, 2021 Tory Burch Fellow

The work: Firm for the Culture is an innovative virtual law firm designed to help social entrepreneurs trademark their brands as they scale their social impact. Drawing upon years of extensive corporate and Silicon Valley-based legal experience, Firm for the Culture provides culturally relevant and creative intellectual property education and representation to help changemakers, culture shifters, and status quo disruptors own their brands as they scale and monetize their impact.  Firm for the Culture is the Tom’s Shoes of legal services in that for every paying client they obtain, they then provide free and low-cost legal education services for diverse and underrepresented founders.

ND Galli Law LLC

The founder: Nicole D. Galli, 2019 Tory Burch Fellow

The work: ND Galli Law LLC is an intellectual property (“IP”) and corporate boutique law firm.  They provide the full range of business legal services, including handling routine corporate matters, business transactions, and IP protection, as well as litigation and dispute resolution. ND Galli Law LLC has offices in Philadelphia, New York and Louisville but work with clients and on matters across the nation.


Partner with these companies to fosterr an inclusive workplace and strengthen teams.

Mariana Strategies 

The founder: Audrey Roofeh, 2019 Tory Burch Fellow

The work: Mariana Strategies is a workplace culture consulting practice that provides diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting, workshops, and advice for businesses and nonprofits in the United States and beyond. Through analysis, engagement, and facilitated conversations, the organization helps companies build and support equitable, inclusive, and safe working environments. 


The founder: Malika Jacobs, 2021 Tory Burch Fellow

The work: Kingmakers offers transformative team bonding experiences for business leaders who understand the value of investing in radical employee care. Through facilitation and board gameplay, Kingmakers’ virtual, participant-centered experiences enhance joy, connection and inclusion.


The founder: Meggie Palmer, 2021 Tory Burch Fellow

The work: Dedicated to closing the gender pay gap, PepTalkHer runs corporate programming for brands including JP Morgan and Revlon. They work in-house with companies to retain high potential staff, running programs around confidence, negotiation and fostering an inclusive workplace. The PepTalkHer app helps users track career successes. It uses artificial intelligence to coach confidence and negotiation, and gives users a pep talk when they need it most.


These founders have built platforms for everything from leadership coaching, skills development and more. 

Sounding Board Labs

The founder: Christine Tao, 2018 Tory Burch Fellow

The work: Sounding Board enables and scales complex leadership coaching programs with a scientifically designed Coaching Management Platform and a curated network of leadership coaches. (Editor’s note: read our article on Sounding Board and the future of coaching)


The founder: Cecilia Flores, 2021 Tory Burch Fellow

The work: Webee is making smarter, more sustainable Industry 4.0 operations a reality for large industrial enterprises in Food/Bev, CPG and Agriculture. Our 360 Asset Intelligence platform connects and harmonizes data from a broad range of IIoT data sources, contextualizes data to provide a 360-degree view of end-to-end-processes, and uses a no-code application builder with powerful AI to visualize data and act on insights. Webee is enabling customers like Colgate-Palmolive, Driscoll’s and Chevron to reduce costs, increase throughput and eliminate unplanned downtime, implementing systems in under a week.


The founder: Vivian Chen, 2021 Tory Burch Fellow

The work: Rise is a platform that enables companies to build meaningful relationships with women and diverse talent. It also helps talent build futures with companies that celebrate their full selves. 


The founder: Heather Stratford, 2018 Tory Burch Fellow

The work: Drip7 is a microlearning platform focused on business educational needs including cybersecurity, compliance and HR related areas. Drip7 provides a customizable platform for increasing engagement and skills development. Content is provided or the organization can use their own custom content. 


The founder: Ahva Sadeghi, 2021 Founder

The work: Symba is an all-in-one platform that helps organizations streamline their internship programs. Using our program management and data analytics tools, talent leaders can easily onboard interns and provide resources, manage projects, build feedback loops, and foster community and engagement. Led by a diverse team, Symba is building a platform with a purpose — to open up the workforce and power more than one million job opportunities in the next five years. Our customers, including Robinhood, Viacom CBS, and INROADS, have been able to save time and money, scale their programs by up to 600%, and increase their intern to full-time conversion rates by up to 20%. 


Expert guidance in shaping and sharing your brand’s story.

Amber Williams & Company

The founder: Amber Williams

The work: Amber Williams & Company designs voice and messaging strategies for premium beauty brands looking to attract and convert today’s most diverse luxury consumers. Through Brand Intensive sessions for small businesses to marketing team trainings for corporate clients, their signature approach helps find the right words to authentically speak to the audiences you’ve always wanted to reach.

LWC Studios

The founder: Juleyka Lantigua, 2020 Tory Burch Fellow

The work: LWC Studios is an award-winning digital media studio whose original work reaches rising audiences with programming that has a social-justice vein. Its flagship show, 70 Million, is the first open-source solutions journalism podcast chronicling how locals are tackling jail reform around the country. In 2020, LWC Studios received a Peabody Award nomination, earned silver in the audio documentary category at the New York International Radio Festival, and won “The Director’s Prize,” their first Third Coast award, also known as “The Oscars of Audio.” In 2021, “Driving the Green Book,” which the company produced for Macmillan Podcasts, earned the inaugural Ambies Award for Best History Podcast.


These companies are dedicated to improving business operations, while putting people first.

We Optimize Work

The founder: Domonique Townsend

The work: We Optimize Work helps business executives create human-centered work approaches to increase engagement, productivity and belonging of women in the workplace. The company specializes in helping mom business owners create systems, processes and strategies to optimize how they manage business needs while managing the demand of raising a family. Their services are optimal for owners who have existing contractors, team members or are experiencing growth in their business.


The founder: Catherine Griffin, 2021 Tory Burch Fellow

The work: ImpactableX enables private companies to quantify, value and forecast their social impact using customized, dynamic impact models. Their standardized approach undercuts the price of alternatives by 80% while providing a durable platform that automates impact performance tracking and unlocks funding and revenue for our customers.