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Create Your Business Plan: Appendix

From the Small Business Administration

The Appendix should be provided to readers on an as-needed basis and it should not be included within the main body of your business plan. The plan is your communication tool; as such, it will be seen by a lot of people. Your appendix will include information that you will not want everyone to see, but specific individuals (such as creditors) may want access to this information to make lending decisions. Therefore, it is important to have the appendix within easy reach.

  • Credit history (personal & business)
  • Resumes of key managers
  • Product pictures
  • Letters of reference
  • Details of market studies
  • Relevant magazine articles or book references
  • Licenses, permits or patents
  • Legal documents
  • Copies of leases
  • Building permits
  • Contracts
  • List of business consultants, including attorney and accountant

Any copies of your business plan should be controlled; keep a distribution record. This will allow you to update and maintain your business plan on an as-needed basis.

Remember, too, that you should include a private placement disclaimer with your business plan if you plan to use it to raise capital.