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#ToryBurchFellow Kate McAleer & Her Mom

On running a business rooted in family values.

The name Bixby came from…

Kate:  A family name—my great-great-grandparent’s last name and one that has been with me all my life. I am inspired by my family’s name and their pursuit of the American dream. The name is motivation to make a difference in our category of business.

Donna: Their spirit and love of high adventure carries on through the generations.

The best part about working together…

Kate: Learning from a seasoned professional who is also my mother surprises and inspires me every day.

Donna: Sharing our talent and synergy as we create and build a business while enjoying what we accomplish together.


How our strengths differ and complement each other…

Kate: My mother is a visionary thinker and can continuously look towards the future. I have learned to admire and even try and adapt some of her ways. When we first started this business, I was focused very much on the day to day and I have been learning to think more like a visionary.

The quality you admire most in each other…

Donna: I’d say, Kate’s ability to see the big picture quickly and identify opportunities and go after them. And her ability to spot potential problems and obstacles early on and move to a resolve.

Kate: I admire my mother’s strength, courage, vision, and incredible intuition.

Lessons we’ve learned about working with family…

Kate: Timing is everything—I have become an early riser as this is when my mom is at her best and it is a great time to catch up and strategize.

Donna: Strong values, trust and respect have been the keys to a great working relationship with family members.

How have you inspired each other to embrace ambition?

Kate:  My mom has been a champion of supporting and driving me to realize and embrace my ambition.

Donna: Kate’s mantra of “Keep going, don’t stop, don’t give up! Make it happen!” That’s empowerment for me to keep embracing ambition every single day.

This mother’s day we will be…

Kate:  Going to brunch at our favorite restaurant owned by an acclaimed female chef and enjoying an amazing meal together with my father.

Donna: And then for a two mile walk out on a breakwater on the ocean—one of the most scenic walks on the Coast of Maine!