I have been a social entrepreneur for the majority of my working life.

My mother felt that if I had done this in the corporate world instead of the nonprofit world, I’d be rich! But having sent thousands of girls out into the workplaces of America is just about as rich as you can get, in my estimation. Through creating Take Our Daughters to Work Day, and other programs I’ve led, these are the three things that helped me succeed:

Have an Internal GPS

Creating and innovating involves what a GPS does for us as we travel….

“Recalculating, Recalculating”

It’s always a part of getting your product right. Don’t get shook up when you need to take a new turn, change directions, go the back way. Cruise smoothly ahead.

Be Resilient

The prize goes to the person who is able to spring back after a defeat. Our work always involves defeat. I’ll never forget hearing Donna Dubinsky, co-creator of the PalmPilot talk about the ups and downs of her journey. She inspired me and reminded me that even though my “products” were different, I was a bonafide entrepreneur.

Find Support in Friendships

Surround yourself with friends that keep you balanced, healthy, creative and genuinely supported. I have a friend I speak with every morning. Coffee and this friend are the secret to starting my day right…resilient and ready for adventure!

Marie Wilson

About the Author

Marie Wilson

Marie has created and led women’s organizations for forty years. She is founder and President Emerita of the White House Project; co-founder/creator of Take Our Daughters to Work Day; Honorary Founder and President Emerita Ms. Foundation for Women; Author of Closing the Leadership Gap; Why Women Can and Must Help Run the World, and an Athena Fellow at Barnard College. Marie has five children and eleven grandchildren.