Women in Science

By: Rachel Ignotofsky

Perfect for any coffee table – this charmingly illustrated book celebrates the achievements of the women who have paved the way for the next generation of women in STEM.

Getting (More of) What You Want

By: Margaret A. Neale & Thomas Z. Lys

Using the latest advances in psychology and economics, this book will provide negotiating strategies for all scenarios. Whether you are shopping for a car, asking for a raise or figuring out who does the chores at home – learn how you can get more of what you want.

Read Margaret Neale’s exclusive advice for embracing negotiation.

Build Your Dream Network

By: J. Kelly Hoey

Shaking up the typical advice, Hoey offers a new way to network that is free of the dead-end coffee date, informational interviews and calendar that you can’t keep up with. Her advice for small adjustments to your daily routine and goal focused efforts will help you build powerful connections.

Earning It

By: Joann S. Lublin

One of the first female reporters at The Wall Street Journal, Joann Lublin shares valuable leadership lessons from her career and invites other women executives to do the same in this essential read. Their stories reveal the obstacles women have faced as they fought to make their mark, the personal dilemmas, and choices that allowed them to reach their highest potential.

The Career Catapult

By: Roopa Unnikrishnan

Career consultant, Roopa Unnikrishnan, provides five essentials for catapulting your career forward. From examining your skill sets, to building your network and taking risks – this turn key advice will make you think differently about what your future holds.

By Invitation Only

By: Alexis Maybank & Alexandra Wilkis Wilson

Balancing the demands of investors, suppliers, engineers and more – this is a look inside the story of how Gilt Groupe was founded as told by the two co-founders themselves. A real-life story any entrepreneur can relate to about perseverance, creativity and a little bit of faith.

The Dragonfly Effect

By: Jennifer Aaker & Andy Smith

Do you want to make a difference in the world? This book explores the power of social media to drive social change. By combining design thinking and practical strategies, Aaker and Smith reveal how everyday people can achieve unprecedented results.