Women in Sports

By: Rachel Ignotofsky

Another charmingly illustrated book from Rachel Ignotofsky celebrating fifty notable women athletes from the 1800s to today, including tennis icon Billie Jean King.

A Different Kind of Daughter

By: Maria Toorpakai

Pakistan’s top women’s squash player spent over a decade pretending to be a boy for the love of the game. Learn more about Maria in our exclusive interview and pick up a copy of her book. Her story is a reminder of human strength and will surely inspire.


By: Susan Cain

At least one-third of people we know are introverts. Susan Cain’s book highlights the incredible power of the quiet leaders. After reading, introverts will feel self-assured in their strength and boisterous extroverts will find a new way to value the introverts in their lives.

Radical Candor

By: Kim Scott

This New York Times best seller is based on a simple premise that being a good boss is at the intersection of caring personally and challenging directly. Kim Scott’s frameworks will help you build better work relationships and fulfill your responsibilities as a leader.

The Startup Way

By: Eric Ries

Author of The Lean Startup, Eric Ries is back with another book. Turning his attention to large corporations, Ries shares a new management system that leads to sustainable growth and long-term impact. A mix of in-the-field stories and tools, this is a roadmap for any organization navigating the next century.

Good People

By: Anthony Tjan

Tory Burch Fellows Program Pitch Competition Judge, Anthony Tjan is leading a movement to change the way we think about goodness. He provides a clear language to discuss goodness, redefining it as a lifelong, proactive commitment that, like any skill, can be exercised, honed, and taught.