Beachside business – four summer reads that will help you think differently about your journey.

Creative Confidence

by Tom & David Kelley

Unleash your inner creativity! The IDEO founders identify the strategies that allow us to tap into our creative potential – at work and in our personal lives. This read will teach you new ways to approach and solve problems.

A must read for entrepreneurs.
– Tracy Chou, Pinterest

Grit: Passion, Perseverance and the Science of Success

By Angela Duckworth

Inspired by interviewing super achievers, Angela began a scientific study to identify the predictors of success. The outcome? Success is not merely talent but a blend of passion and perseverance – grit.

The Originals: How Non-Conformist Move the World

By Adam Grant

For all you originals – pick up Adam’s guide to championing new ideas and changing the world. His book explores the ways you can spark, champion and build a culture that values creative thinking.

It is motivating! This book has many useful applications in the workplace.
– Marne Levine, Instagram

The Sleep Revolution

By Arianna Huffington

Summer is the perfect time to recharge and change your relationship with sleep. Arianna’s latest book calls for a revolution ­– take back our dreaming hours. She says this will not only improve our work lives but our health, personal lives and ability to think bigger as well!