embrace ambition discussion guide

The Discussion Guide is perfect for coworkers, friends or family to thoughtfully explore what it means to #EmbraceAmbition.

Begin by organizing your own #EmbraceAmbition group and plan a get-together. We recommend meeting over coffee or a meal in a comfortable and quite space. Use the discussion guide to lead your conversation. This tool will help you address the cultural challenges around embracing ambition and how together we can celebrate everyone’s goals and dreams! We suggest getting back together with your group periodically to support each other and continue to #EmbraceAmbition.


  • How do you define “ambitious”?
  • When you hear the words “ambition” and “ambitious”, what images and thoughts come to mind?
  • Do you describe yourself as ambitious?
  • How is ambition viewed differently in men and women?
  • Have you noticed or experienced how people react differently to ambition in women?


  • Have you ever felt the need to “dial back” your ambition when expressing it to others? How comfortable are you with stating your ambitions? Does it change depending on who you’re speaking with?
  • Have you ever felt as if your ambitions were ignored or silenced? Do you think that treatment was based on your gender?


  • One of Tory’s favorite pieces of advice from her parents is, “Think of negativity as noise, believe in yourself and what you are doing.” Are you afraid of being judged negatively?
  • How can you block out negativity and not let it impact you?


  • Do you celebrate your accomplishments? If not, why? And if so, share the ways you celebrate and reward yourself.
  • Share three things that you are most proud of from the past year. Have you taken the time to appreciate these achievements?
  • Who are the women in your life that inspire you?
  • How can you support and empower the women in your life?


  • How can we bring men into this conversation?
  • How can your organization or workplace support women’s ambitions?


  • What are your key takeaways from this discussion?
  • Did you have any “aha” moments?
  • Share three actions you will take over the next month based on your discussion.