Right off of Central Park West on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, you’ll find a special new experience at the New York Historical Society. They’ve spent the past two years creating a wing dedicated to the incredible women who made marks on American history, from modern day heroes to champions of women’s rights like, Billie Jean King. King’s story is honored in its own display case and features some her most iconic archival pieces, including tennis racquets, medals, and previously worn uniforms – all of which were donated to the museum from the legend herself.

Another one-of-a-kind installation you can’t miss at the center is “Women’s Voices” – a permanent multimedia wall made up of nine oversized touch-screens you can get lost in. The screens feature told and untold stories of over 120 prominent women, including Sojourner Truth, Hillary Clinton and more. Each time you touch the wall to learn about the history of reproductive rights or civil rights, the screens draw connections across history to other women who championed those same causes.

“This is everyone’s story, and it should be thought of that way,” says Valerie Paley, Vice President and Chief-Historian of the New York Historical Society. “‘Women’s Voices’ shows how women’s activities and empowerment affect others over time. And not just other women, but society.”

The Center for Women’s History on the fourth floor is the bridge between the women’s history section and the rest of the museum’s permanent collection. “You can dive in anywhere and make connections about these diverse women,” Valerie says.

Learn more about the New York Historical Society’s exhibit and be sure to visit next time you’re in Manhattan!