• Power Your Happy
    By: Lisa Sugar

    Advice from the Founder and President of POPSUGAR on building your dream life, and combining your passions and talents for success.

  • Drop the Ball
    By: Tiffany Dufu

    A lesson on embracing your imperfections from the renowned voice of the women’s leadership movement and Chief Leadership Officer of Levo – Tiffany Dufu. You can pre-order your copy before it hits stands in February.

  • The Conquer Kit
    By: Natalie MacNeil

    A creative planner for women entrepreneurs. This book will help you explore your dreams and goals, all while developing an airtight business plan.

  • In the Company of Women
    By: Grace Bonney

    A collection of stories and advice from the diverse women – writers, entrepreneurs, artists, chefs – who are embracing their ambitions.

  • Unfinished Business
    By: Anne-Marie Slaughter

    Explore the challenges of career advancement and motherhood. Slaughter’s book is an excellent reminder that we need to do more to help our teams balance work, life and childcare.