The impact of the coronavirus is being felt far and wide – and women entrepreneurs from the Tory Burch Foundation community are stepping up. From creating masks to securing PPE equipment from overseas, these leaders are using their businesses to help during the crisis. Read on for more…


Columbus based business Aunt Flo converted their facilities to make medical masks. At the helm is Tory Burch Fellow and Forbes 30 Under 30 alum, Claire Coder.  “When businesses started closing and everything started going remote, our business started struggling,” Coder said. “We’re a small business and our customers were closing. We didn’t know how to support.”  Coder said they went back to the drawing board and found a way to switch gears a bit, focusing on the main necessity our country is desperate for.

“We started thinking and realized the main necessity is personal protection equipment and masks. We obviously focus on making sure menstruation products are available. But, it is very much in line with our company and our values to be able to adjust and to respond to the need.”

Aunt Flow is currently producing about 100,000 masks per day out of one of their bases in China. The hope is to continue to increase that production as the pandemic continues.



After noticing the increasing demand for hand sanitizer, Freedom deodorant founder Ira Green got to work. Already working with spray bottles for their other body care products, adding hand sanitizer was a natural step.  “I was getting phone calls from different states for their health care workers asking me to sell their my bottles,” Green said. “I thought, you know what, this is such an easy switch because we have a deodorant spray.”



Top of everyone’s mind – how to secure PPE equipment during this dire health crisis. The Global Gateway Logistics founder Caitlin Murphy put her expertise and business to work spending 14 days straight for over 16 hours a day solely focused on connecting buyers with FDA registered PPE in China. Collaborating with overseas suppliers and exporters, U.S. customs, FDA, airlines and delivery agents to ensure the lead time is secured and the product gets in the hands of those battling this pandemic on the front lines.




Many health-care workers on the front lines are working long hours and juggling some of our country’s most challenging situations. Bergen County New Jersey is the epicenter for the state’s cases of COVID-19. Dr. Kathrin Hamm, founder of Bearaby stepped in and donated 100 of the brand’s weighted blankets to Engelwood’s medical professionals, providing the added comfort and tool needed to destress after a long day.