Why is Title IX so important for athletes, but especially women and girls?

Title IX eliminates the opportunity for gender-based discrimination. It levels the playing field and gives women opportunities that men inherently receive. 

How can we all play a part in evening the playing field for women?

One way women can even the playing field is by advocating for themselves and not taking “no” for an answer. Stand your ground, be heard. Women need to speak up against the injustices they face in order to level the playing field. When there are situations where women are consistently being disadvantaged, they need to demand change, not just accept the situation. For example, one of my clients, Christen Press, did an excellent job of advocating for the US Women’s National Soccer Team. For years, the men’s national team benefitted from a higher paycheck and better facilities. But the women’s facilities were breaking down and the players were receiving a fraction of the money they deserved. Christen drew attention to this issue, advocated for the USWNT and provoked change.

Best advice for women looking to break into the sports industry…

Put yourself into a position to succeed. Start reaching out and networking with people who can help you. Find a mentor and nurture that relationship. Surrounding yourself with successful and motivated people can help open doors and expose you to new opportunities. Be smart and learn from the right people.

Surround yourself with successful and motivated people.

I would tell my younger self that…

Your work will speak for itself. The only person you need to prove yourself to is “you’. Follow your dreams and don’t take no for an answer.

My ambition is ________.

To always lead by example. I now have the opportunity to teach young women and let them follow in my footsteps. I have the opportunity to mentor. I had no mentor, I learned by making mistakes. Now I hope to teach those behind me by the mistakes I have made and the things I have done right so they have a roadmap to help them succeed.