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Resources For Supporting Trans Employees, Youth and Other Community Members

Tools for building trans-inclusive workplaces, advocating for trans rights at work and more

Editor’s note: If you are a trans person in immediate need of emotional support or funds, please call Trans Lifeline (877-565-8860), a hotline for trans people staffed by trans people that does not engage the police.

With a wave of anti-trans legislation sweeping the country, young people seeking gender affirmation procedures or even someone to talk to about their needs may soon have fewer options than ever at school, their doctors’ offices and their communities. There’s no shortage of evidence proving that affirming people’s identities, both socially and, if they choose, medically, saves lives and enriches all communities.

To support the fight for trans rights, we’ve compiled a list of of educational resources, places to donate and materials to help our entrepreneur community make their workplaces safe and equitable for transgender, gender-expansive and queer employees. In addition, we’ve included recommendations for employees who are themselves transitioning.


Dedicated resources to understanding the current backlash.

The Anti-Trans Hate Machine: A Plot Against Equality podcast

Award-winning journalist and activist Imara Jones presents a limited-series podcast that takes us behind the curtain of the dark money, right wing organizations, radical figures and extreme ideology driving the anti-trans backlash across the country.

A History of Transgender Rights in the United States

A brief look at the history of the fight for trans inclusion and liberation.


Guidance for employees who want to be out as trans as work and need to advocate for themselves, as well as strategies for employers who want to foster inclusive, trans-friendly workplaces.

For Employees

Transitioning in the Workplace 

The Human Rights Campaign’s recommendations for navigating the interview process, updating personal information, coming out at work and more.

Know Your Rights as a Trans Person in the Workplace

This resource from the National Center for Transgender Equality outlines the rights and procedures transgender employees have to address discrimination.

Coming Out Trans at Work

Eight people share their personal experiences. 

Trans Jobs Connect

A Facebook group run by Trans Matters Now, dedicated to helping trans people brush up their resumes, hone skills and find work with affirming employers.

Pride At Work

Pride At Work represents LGBTQ+ union members and their allies. They foster mutual support between the organized Labor Movement and the LGBTQ+ community to further social and economic justice.

For Employers

Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace

A detailed checklist and guide to help employers evaluate their workplace policies with an eye to being trans-inclusive, how to talk to workers with concerns about trans team members, and more. This document also includes a section for employees who are transitioning at work. 

A Guide to Gender Identity Terms

NPR in partnership with GLAAD developed a useful (and evolving) guide for understanding concepts like gender presentation, sexual orientation and gender identity, plus a section on the importance and function of pronouns.


Support trans people by making donations, signing petitions or simply having the right words to counter anti-trans sentiment.

How to Be a Great Trans Ally

DoSomething in partnership with trans ally Ryan Casstrata created an easy-to-follow Instagram post on how to show up for the trans community.

Pledge to Support Trans Youth

In response to the over 100 anti-trans bills filed in states across the country – the ACLU is working to rally 100,000 people pledging and showing support for trans youth everywhere. Sign today.

How to Respond to Trans Misinformation

Peppermint, ACLU Ambassador for Trans Justice, and Taylor Brown, ACLU staff attorney, share helpful responses to common statements about trans people.

Solutions Not Punishment (SnapCo)

Solutions Not Punishment is a Black trans- and queer-led organization that invests in collective embodied leadership and building political power. Based in the Atlanta area.

Athlete Ally: Become a Member

Athlete Ally educates athletic communities at all levels — sport governing bodies, teams, and individual athletes — to understand obstacles to inclusion for LGBTQ+ people in sports and how they can build inclusive communities on their teams or within their organizations. Become a monthly member to support their work on an ongoing basis.

They The People: A Nonbinary and Trans Town Hall

A recording of the ACLU in discussion with the Biden administration about supporting transgender rights. Community leaders share their stories and explore what the White House is doing to protect trans and intersex students and athletes, prevent criminalization of trans women of color, and ensure everyone has access to accurate IDs.


Additional personal narratives and research from and about trans and gender-expansive people.

If You Have a Trans or Nonbinary Child, Here’s How to Protect Their Rights

Written by ACLU attorney Chase Strangio

What It Means to Design My Own Masculinity

Written by 2022 Embrace Ambition Summit speaker Tiq Milan

To My Fellow White Others, by Chase Strangio

Written by ACLU attorney Chase Strangio

TransLash Media

TransLash Media tells trans stories to save trans lives.

The Trevor Project 2022 National Survey on LGBTQ Mental Health

Capturing the experiences of nearly 34,000 LGBTQ youth ages 13 to 24 across the United States, with 45% of respondents being LGBTQ youth of color and 48% being transgender or nonbinary, the Trevor Project’s fourth annual national survey is one of the most diverse surveys of LGBTQ youth ever conducted.

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